update, version 1.6, release 52, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 | Release: 52

2018-06-16 22:51


- Replaced all world textures including different objects (trees, towers, fences, etc.)

- Added new weather system with different gradients (gray, blue, night dark)

- Dark night (for servers with dark night) is really dark now; like it was in 1.5 and previous versions

- AS50 TWS scope is default now; you can enable thermal scope by holding "F" while aiming

- Generator saves now after server restart

- Fixed strange freeze issue caused by zombies hits

- Fixed mines explosion issue (by bullets)

- Now you can removed UB-32PV from vehicle

- Heli / plane crash pilot is dangerous now; he will attack first if sees a target (zombies are not gonna kill him like it was before)

- Now you can fix Special Humanitarian Aid position by bullet hit (for cases when it stuck upon the ground due height calculation error)

Update package size: ~102 MB

Also we updated Wikipedia


- Added pages for new loot and vehicles

- All data is updated. Also we added useful tables with basic information for each category (sortable)

- For all vehicles added information about real maximum speed including Turbo mode (also you can sort by speed in vehicles category table)

Maximum speed was calculated while driving on the longest road ever (size of the whole map)

Interactive Map data was updated too, also we are gonna upload new map image soon