update, version 1.6, release 65w, top gta
Русская версия

Version: 1.6 | Release: 65w

2021-12-19 23:00


Winter! Snow and related features pack

About winter update:

- In addition to world textures and objects, player's equipment (backpack, vest, helmet, etc.) was modified to look better in white (snowy) world;

- Some vehicles (like Patriot) were re-designed for winter;

- Falling snow will be disabled this year due complaints we received last year (maybe not permanently);

- Snowball and firecracker added to player's inventory (occupies 0 slots);

- You can create snowballs by holding Left Shift while crouching (C);

- You can make a snowman by typing /snowman;

- You can put on a winter mask by pressing "H";

- Xmas pack is added to interior editor for bases (tree, toys, etc.);

- Interface colors changed according to winter theme;

- Winter loot items added to Airdrop supply.


As some players already found out you can now play comfortably using FPS limit higher than 70 (like 100 for example). No more issues with walking while aiming. And no more weird and random issues with driving if you use high FPS limit. We planned to mention this in the changelog of next release (1.7) since these changes were silently installed for public testing few months ago.