update 1.6 top gta
Русская версия

Changelog of DayZ v1.6 (winter mode)

Changed 4 vehicle models


atmosphere of winter GTA
  • All textures replaced to winter variants
  • Interface (HUD) stylized for winter gameplay
  • Updated tree models
  • Added gloomy weather (like in version 1.4.3 and 1.5)
    • Smooth changing, random weathers
  • Disabled collision of rubbish objects on the roads
    • It make riding more comfortable


base 6, category 3
  • Tuning of paid vehicles will not be reset after blow up
  • Interior Editor: added ability to change object position by Z (height) more easier
  • Added 2 new objects for Int Pack 2: ladder and flat object (useful for new floors)


prison in GTA
  • Changed firing rate of M107 (now it's like AS50 TWS)
  • Zombies will see you far if you bleeding
  • Reduced weight of Bomb Suit
  • Disabled "loss of consciences" mode (almost for all cases)
  • Removed headshot kill limit
    • Now you can kill players in head from any distance (like in previous versions)
  • Now if player type /rush then other team players will see arrow above his head (useful to avoid team kills)
  • Changed position of equipment upon female skins


  • Fixed bug with S.W.A.T's water can
  • Fixed helath-loss issue if vehicle has armor
  • Fixed bug with free ammo for some weapons (reload)
  • Fixed ability to drive when vehicle doesn't have components (network cases)
  • Fixed speed anomaly of helicopters (when you put on Bomb Suit inside helicopter)
  • Fixed a lot of small bugs